2019 ILACP Priority Bills

Updated May 20, 2019

Top 8 Legislative Issues

SB 7 – Cannabis legalization (Sen. Steans, Rep. Cassidy)                                  OPPOSE
We want to avoid mistakes made in Colorado, where there is not proper regulation. With legalization, there will be more fatalities and more accidents. If legislation is considered, we want the regulatory framework in place for medical marijuana to be used for licensing, growth, and sales. We want a total prohibition on home grows for recreational use

Status of SB7: Senate Bill 7 became HB 1438- Cannabis Legalization

Status: Passed both Houses

      HR 157 – Slow the process of legalization (Rep. Moylan and 59 others)    SUPPORT

Status of HR157: Has 60 sponsors, a majority in the House, but no movement on the resolution.

SB 120 – Public Duty Rule codification (Sen. Anderson)                                   SUPPORT
Provides that a local governmental entity and its employees owe no duty of care to individual members of the general public to provide governmental services. The public duty rule is an important doctrine that is grounded in the principle that the duty of a local governmental entity to preserve the well-being of the community is owed to the public at large rather than to specific members of the community. The IML supports this as well.

Status of SB 120: Stalled in Senate committee.

SB 1139 – Extend eavesdropping exemption (Sen. Munoz)                              SUPPORT
Extends to January 1, 2025, the date of the eavesdropping exemption for state’s attorneys and law enforcement in the course of an investigation of a qualified offense as defined in the exemption. The last extension, to 2020, was for only two years. We would like to see this exemption made permanent.

Status of SB 1139: Passed both Houses

HB 217– Prohibit criminal history in college admissions (Rep. Flowers)        OPPOSE
This would prevent a college or university from asking about criminal history, but it does not automatically disqualify a person from admission. It would prevent a college from knowing whether a violent felon or sex offender was applying.

Status of HB 217: Defeated in House by a vote of 60 to 40 on April 12.

SB 102 – Digital license plate bills (Sen. Sandoval)          NEUTRAL, formerly OPPOSED
We were opposed to testing or use of digital plates because of ideas and processes that would be detrimental to law enforcement. Our position moved to neutral after an amendment was filed requiring visibility of digital plates at night and when vehicle is off.

Status of SB 102: Passed both Houses


SB 1996 - Amendment 1. Gun seizure bill and FOID card revocation legislation. This became the Fix the FOID Act in Amendment 1. ILACP does not want local law enforcement to be required to search for and seize a FOID card or guns from a household or person whose FOID card has been suspended or revoked. We consider this a state and Illinois State Police issue. There is still too much uncertainty about how this could be carried out successfully. The Illinois Chiefs are currently in conversation with the Illinois Sheriffs Association and Illinois State Police about how to address this issue legislatively in the fall veto session.


Status of SB 1996, Amendment 1: Passed in of Senate and stalled in House Judiciary Committee.


HB 1613 – Makes traffic and data collection permanent (Rep. Slaughter)       OPPOSE
Proponents want to make this permanent and not just extend it. We believe enough data already has been collected. But, this bill creates a task force to analyze data every three years, and we are okay with that. The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police will have a representative on this task force. The bill also moves a requirement for data analysis from IDOT to the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority.

Status of HB 1613: Passed both Houses

HB 1614 – Retail theft to $2,000 (Rep. Slaughter)                                               OPPOSE
Increases the threshold amount of theft not from the person and retail theft that enhances the offense from a misdemeanor to a felony to $2,000.

Status of HB 1614: Stalled in House Rules Committee.

HB 1616 – 3-phone-call requirement within one hour at station (Rep. Slaughter)      OPPOSE
Law enforcement knows that circumstances might prevent a person from completing three phone calls in the first hour at a police station, or being given access to a phone within one hour.

Status of HB 1616: Stalled in House Rules Committee.

Other priority bills – Watch List 

SB 239 (Fine) – Juvenile age to 21                                                                                     OPPOSE

Status of SB 239: Stalled in Senate Rules Committee.

SB 243 (Munoz) – Our License Plate Reader bill                                                               SUPPORT

Status of SB 243: Stalled in Senate Rules Committee.

SB 1106-1112 (Landek, McConchie) - Pensions and pension consolidation                      OPPOSE AS NOW WRITTEN

Status of SB 1106-1112: Stalled in Senate Rules Committee.

SB 1216 (T. Cullerton) – Penalties for acting in bad faith in response to FOIA                  OPPOSE

Status of SB 1216: Stalled in Senate Rules Committee.

SB 1258 (Cunningham) - Overdose reporting – provide written details                             SUPPORT

Status of SB 1258: Passed both Houses

HB 21 (Flowers) and 186 (Ford) – Prohibits Terry stops                                                    OPPOSE

Status of HB 21: Stalled in House Rules Committee.

HB 56 (Flowers) – Police Officer Accountability Act                                                           OPPOSE

Status of HB 56: Stalled in House Rules Committee

HB 152 (Flowers) – Police Disciplinary Complaint Act                                                      OPPOSE

Status of HB 152: Stalled in House Rules Committee.

HB 338 (Parkhurst) - Trust Act Clarification                                                                       SUPPORT

Status of HB 338: Stalled in House Rules Committee.

HB 909 (Welch) – Child Advocacy Center bill                                                                   SUPPORT

Status of HB 909: Passed both Houses

HB 927 (Tarver) – Automatic expungement, more on juvenile expungement                   OPPOSE

Status of HB 927: Stalled in House Rules Committee.

HB 1623 (Skillicorn) – No front license plate                                                                     OPPOSE

Status of HB 1623: Stalled in House Rules Committee.

HB 2110 (Ammons) – Describes when use of lethal force is permissible                        OPPOSE

Status of HB 2110: Stalled in House Rules Committee.

HB 2291 (Ammons) – Reclassify heroin possession to misdemeanor                     OPPOSE

Status of 2291: Stalled in House Rules Committee.

HB 2503 (Stava-Murray) – Annual reporting of police discipline cases to G.A.               OPPOSE

Status of HB 2503: Stalled in House Rules Committee.

HB 2504 (West) – Prohibits destruction of law enforcement misconduct records           OPPOSE

Status of HB 2504: Stalled in House Rules Committee.

HB 2519 (Slaughter) – Repeal of gang databases                                                           OPPOSE

Status of HB 2519: Stalled in Senate Rules Committee

HB 2923 (Slaughter) – Officer insurance bill – officer responsible for insurance             OPPOSE

Status of HB 2923: Stalled in House Rules Committee.

HB 2031 (Cabello) – Motor Vehicle Pursuit Act                                                                OPPOSE

Status of HB 2031: Stalled in House Rules Committee.


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