2024 ILACP Vice Presidential Election

This year the 3rd Vice President position will be up for election. The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP) is now accepting letters of intent from those interested in serving as 3rd Vice President. If you have any questions about running for the position, feel free to reach out to Executive Director Kenny Winslow or any of the current board members.

Here is a description of the three regions in ILACP and here is a map of the three regions

How to Become a Candidate for Vice President: Send a letter to the Executive Director announcing your intention to run, and for which office. Provide an explanation of why you want to run and a little information about your background. Most of these letters are one page long. Send letters to Kenny Winslow, [email protected]. Also, send a photo of yourself that will be used on this page. 

Deadline to Submit Letter of Intent: The deadline for nominations for the 2024 election is 60 days before the start of the Annual Conference, which is being held April 24-26. That means the deadline is February 23.

The installation of the new Board of Officers will take place on Friday evening, April 26, 2024, during a banquet at the conclusion of the Annual Conference in Tinley Park. 

3rd Vice President Candidates

Eric Barden


Eric Barden, chief of the Zion Police Department, announced on Jan. 31, 2024 his candidacy for 3rd Vice President of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. Click here to read his candidacy letter.

Get to know your Candidates: Chief Eric Barden answers questions on the benefits of ILACP, its future, and the challenges it faces. Click here.