Speed Awareness Day

July 26, 2023

 Speed Awareness Day 2023 Press Conference

Speed Awareness Day 2023 Media Coverage:


What You Need To Know

In 2016, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP) founded Illinois Speed Awareness Day.  Speed Awareness Day was a combined statewide effort involving public and private stakeholders partnering to address the issue of excessive speeding on Illinois roadways and the deadly impact speeding has on traffic safety. In 2022, the initiative expanded to include partnerships with law enforcement agencies located in NHTSA Region 5 states of; Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. For 2023, Speed Awareness Day is expanding to include NHTSA Region 7 states of; Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.  

A website has been developed for this multi-state/mid America initiative.   Home - Region 5 Speed Awareness Day 

Speed Awareness Day is a two-pronged effort, combining an education/public outreach component, along with a high visibility enforcement effort.  To assist agencies with outreach, the website has a Resource Page containing NHTSA Traffic Safety links, media templates, social media examples and a speed fact sheet to engage media and stakeholders.  Resources - Region 5 Speed Awareness Day

Participating law enforcement agencies will need to assign a point of contact (POC) to handle agency registration and reporting requirements.  

To register your agency's participation, go to:  Register - Region 5 Speed Awareness Day  

Agencies have the flexibility to set their own enforcement hours during the day-long campaign with a focus along high traffic/crash corridors in their jurisdiction. There is no minimum or maximum number of enforcement hours that need to be scheduled. Grantees that have Additional Enforcement hours approved for FFY23 can use those hours to schedule focus, high visibility enforcement during this initiative. For those grant agencies that do not have Additional Enforcement hours for this grant year, contact me to discuss what options you may have to participate.  

Once Speed Awareness Day enforcement efforts have been completed, your agency will need to report those total using the on-line portal.  Reporting - Region 5 Speed Awareness Day This reporting is in addition to the BSPE205 reporting. DO NOT separate Speed Awareness Day hours from any 205 reporting to BSPE. 205 reporting is handled no differently, ALL Additional Enforcement hours worked in July are reported to BSPE. The Speed Awareness Day enforcement reporting is to capture your agency's effort for this initiative which will also be reported to NHTSA Region 5.   

If you have additional funding in your STEP grant, you can use those funds to have officers work OT on this day.  Funding from other campaigns cannot be used, but we hope you will sign-up and participate at some level with patrol/traffic officers already on duty that day.

The ILACP goal is to build and coordinate a High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) program to include public and private partnerships to address the issues of excessive speeding. By combining efforts, a common goal can be achieved: reduce crashes, prevent injuries and more importantly – Save Lives through proactive enforcement and public awareness.