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ILACP Leadership Library from Command magazine.
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Thomas J. Lemmer, Founder of Secure 1776 – Public Safety Professional Resource, LLC - Summer 2022

Chief James R. Kruger, Jr. Outstanding Chief of the Year - Summer 2022

 Joseph Fitzgerald, Ph.D. - May 2021

Roy and Judith Bethge - June 2020

Dean Stiegemeier - March 2020

Rob Schmidtke - December 2019

Mark Field - June 2019

Chief Steven J. Vaccaro  - March 2019

Thomas L. Trice, Jr. with Naomi-Denise Oudshoorn, Peyton Rose, and Courtney Smith

Sherrie Phipps - September 2018

Chief of the Year Eric Guenther - June 2018 

Command Issue February 2018 Book review By Mark W. Field 

Interview with Past President Gary Schira (Ret.) by Marla Friedman - February 2018

Command Issue December 2017 By Mark Field

Command Issue September 2017 Book Review by Mark Field

Command Issue February 2017 by Ed Wojcicki