Leadership Library - ILACP authors

Leadership Library

The the ILACP has launched a collection of leadership articles which are exerts from previous Command Magazine issues. The articles can be found below:

Command Issue February 2017 by Ed Wojcicki

Command Issue September 2017 Book Review by Mark Field

Command Issue December 2017 By Mark Field

Command Issue February 2018 By: Chief Gary Schira (Ret.) & Marla Friedman, Psy.D. PC, Police Psychologist

Command Issue February 2018 Book review By Mark W. Field 

Command Issue June 2018 

Issue September 2018 By Sherrie Phipps

Command Issue December 2018 By Thomas L. Trice, Jr. with Naomi-Denise Oudshoorn, Peyton Rose, and Courtney Smith

Command Issue March 2019 By Chief Steven J. Vaccaro 

Command Issue June 2019 By Mark Field

Command Issue December 2019 By Rob Schmidtke

Command Issue June 2020 By Roy and Judith Bethge