75 Years of Accomplishments - Video

Organized in 1941, we are the professional organization of Chiefs of Police and other leaders of police and public safety organizations in the State of Illinois. We value: Compassion, Integrity, Accountability, Fairness, Professionalism, Innovation, Continuous Improvement, Diversity and Inclusion. We aim to earn and maintain the unqualified respect of the people our members serve and protect, and to be respected leaders in our communities, our state, our nation, and internationally.

In 2016, when we observed our 75th Anniversary, the Board of officers affirmed the association's top five accomplishments in its first 75 years:

  1. Professional development and training: The association has provided high-quality training on all the major issues that police departments have faced since the middle of the 20th century and has established certification and accreditation programs to enhance the professional development of police executives and police departments. Includes provision of psychological services and the Psychological Services Committee.
  2. Legislative advocacy and policy making: The association has been instrumental in promoting legislation to support law enforcement (and killing legislation that would weaken it), and in advocating for public policies and programs that advance the cause of law enforcement and/or increase the safety of Illinois citizens.
  3. Leadership in the International Association of Chiefs of Police: Seven Illinois chiefs have been president of the international association, and many others have been active on committees, chairs of committees, and the general chair of SACOP.
  4. Special Olympics: The association has had a close relationship with the Special Olympics of Illinois since the 1980s and views law enforcement’s support of the Special Olympics – as volunteers and in fundraising -- as a signature achievement. ILACP is a major support of the Law Enforcement Torch Run every year.
  5. Traffic Safety advocacy, including the Traffic Safety Challenge: This has been a major initiative of the association and has generated a lot of activity and publicity at the local level, as well as generating a great turnout at the annual luncheon at the Expo.

List of association presidents since 1941

List of executive directors and other executive leaders since 1941

Video on accomplishments, 1941-2016