Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (ILEAP)

ILEAP and Federal Use of Force Certification Coordinator:  Lt. Jeff Hamer
[email protected]

For general information about ILEAP or to learn how to get started, please contact Lt. Jeff Hamer, whose contact information is above. 

NOTE: Fees that local agencies pay for ILEAP accreditation or reaccreditation increased on January 1, 2019. Details are below under "Direct Costs" and, because of approval by the Executive Board on December 12, 2018, the new rates replace older rates mentioned in previously published ILEAP manuals or brochures.



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  • The Illinois Police Accreditation Coalition (IPAC) is an organization dedicated to the concept of accreditation. In support of this mission, it provides a network for member agencies that encourages communication, cooperation, support, and the sharing of valuable resources, which may include sample policies, law updates, and mock assessments.

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  • Click here for the COMMAND article "An Inside Look at an ILEAP Assessment; at a 'First in the Nation' Agency in Illinois" by Lt. Jeff Hamer.


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Maintaining Accreditation 


Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Council (two-year terms) or until successor is named:

  • Two incumbent or retired Illinois police chiefs appointed by ILACP;
  • Director of the UIC Center for Public Safety and Justice, or designate;
  • Director of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, or designate;
  • Director of the Intergovernmental Risk Management Agency, or designate;
  • Director of the Illinois City/County Management Association, or designate;
  • Representative from academia in Illinois with criminal justice expertise (pending in 2020);
  • Director of the the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, or designate (pending in 2020);
  • Executive Director of the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, or designee.

The Standards

The standards are divided into four general subject areas: Administration, Operations, Personnel, and Training.  All are mandatory except for those that are “not applicable” by function. The two tiers are not based on size, but on how comprehensive the accreditation.

  • Tier One has 67 standards;
  • Tier Two has 180 standards.

Direct Costs

Annual fee: Effective January 1, 2019, departments first applying for ILEAP accreditation or applying for reaccreditation after January 1, 2019, will be assessed an annual fee of $400 for Tier 1 accreditation (a total of $1,600 every four years) or $800 annually for Tier 2 accreditation (a total of $3,200 every four years). The first annual payment is due at the time of application, and that would satisfy the current year’s fee. The date of payment of the application fee is considered the first year of the annual cycle. Then the annual fee in subsequent years would be due any time during the calendar year, but the department will be invoiced in January each year.

Agencies that applied for or received accreditation or reaccreditation before January 1, 2019, will not begin paying the annual fee until the year of their next reaccreditation occurs.

On-Site Assessment

The on-site consists of two days of file review, interviews, and ride alongs. The assessors arrive the night before to meet and plan, and then they proceed to the PD around 8:00 a.m. the next day. There is a two hour phone-in session, but no public hearing.  The exit interview is between noon and 4:00 p.m. on day two.  The on-site can be accomplished in two days because most of the files will be reviewed off-site prior to the assessors’ arrival and travel time is limited.

Council Review

The lead assessor submits an Assessment Report to the ILEAP Committee Chair, who reviews and distributes the report to the Council for its review and action . If granted, accreditation is valid for four (4) years.  

Award Ceremony

A member of the ILACP Board of Officers will present the plaque honoring a department for achieving accreditation, and this will take place at a local ceremony (City Council meeting, Village Board meeting, Department meeting, etc.)


Dave Bradford, Executive Director, Center for Public Safety, Northwestern University, Evanston.