Illinois Supreme Court Upholds Assault Weapons Ban


The Illinois Supreme Court upheld the state’s ban on the sale or possession of the type of semiautomatic weapons used in hundreds of mass killings nationally.

In a 4-3 decision Friday, Aug. 11, 2023, the high court found that the Protect Our Communities Act does not violate the federal Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection of the law nor the state constitution’s bar on special legislation.

The Second Amendment claim is alive, however, in several federal lawsuits filed in southern Illinois, later consolidated and awaiting appeals court action.

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Connecting PIOs Across Illinois

The ILACP has formed a special PIO Section to help connect PIOs from across Illinois. We're looking to get at least one representative from each department.

 For this first year, it's free to join the section! Find out more here:

PIO Section Application

This will be a tremendous resource should anyone in your agency need to reach out to other PIO professionals for advice or assistance. One of the section’s aims is to create a crisis communication assistance plan among the PIOs in the section. This will create a buddy system of sorts if a crisis arises, and a PIO needs help. The hope is that person will have a PIO living in a nearby community who can come to their aid if needed.

There will also be an open forum amongst the PIOs in the section for any questions, comments, concerns, or advice.

We Never Walk Alone Partnership

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police Foundation has entered into a partnership with the We Never Walk Alone program. We will be working together on a First Responders Wellness Initiative. Find out more about We Never Walk Alone by clicking here.
Donations to We Never Walk Alone can be mailed to 426 S. 5th St., Springfield, IL. 62701 or done electronically by clicking here or using the QR code below.

National Faith & Blue Weekend

National Faith & Blue Weekend 2023, set for October 6 through October 9, will continue to build a movement through which law enforcement professionals and residents build connections that break down divides, decrease biases, increase familiarity, and spur ongoing relationships.
The purpose of Faith & Blue is to create a transformative movement of unity and collaboration between law enforcement officers and local communities.
If you have questions or need any assistance, the Faith & Blue National Office can be reached directly at [email protected] or by telephone at (404) 605-7000. The team at Faith & Blue is very responsive and will make your agency’s participation easy.


2023 Midwest Impaired Driving Conference


Join us at the Midwest Impaired Driving Conference on November 2-3, 2023 at The Westin Chicago Northwest!

Did you miss early registration? Not to worry, they have decided to keep the conference registration cost the same.

The Midwest Impaired Driving Conference invites Prosecutors and Law Enforcement from across the Midwest to
collaborate on impaired driving reduction and enforcement efforts.


ILACP 2023 Spring Session Wrap-Up

As you are aware, legislative advocacy is a priority for our association. The end of the 2023 Spring Legislative Session was anything but boring. The Illinois General Assembly pushed the end of the session eight days later than what was originally scheduled. They didn’t finish up until the early hours of May 27. 

More than 6,500 bills were filed
during the Spring session, with the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP) tracking nearly 400 of those. 

The ILACP was able to help get a number of measures passed, work with legislators to try and make bills better for law enforcement, and successfully argue against many other bills that didn’t get passed.  

One of the troubling trends we are seeing is bills that attempt to legislate probable cause. We believe that some of these bills create a separation of powers argument and are something we need to be cognizant of as we move forward. 

The ILACP saw several successes as well as a few places where improvement is needed.


ILACP Members can read our full 2023 Spring Session Wrap-Up.

Former Illinois Chiefs' President
Runs for IACP 4th Vice President

ILACP Past President Chief Mitchell R. Davis III declared his candidacy for 4th Vice President for the International Association of Chiefs of Police at its October 2022 conference in Dallas, Texas. Those wishing to place their vote for Davis must attend the IACP meeting.

If you are interested in supporting this endeavor, donations can be made by using the QR Code or the "Donate" button below. Donations can also be mailed to ILACP 426 South 5th Street, Springfield, IL 62701. All donations should be made out to the ILACP with "Davis for IACP" in the memo. Thank you in advance for your support.



2024 ILACP Annual Training Conference


The conference will be held April 24-26 at the

Tinley Park Hotel and Convention Center, 18451 Convention Center Drive, Tinley Park, Illinois.

More information coming soon...

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2023 annual training conference! We look forward to next year's in Tinley Park.



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