TRAINING: Current Case Law featuring Dale Anderson

Course Description: This 4-hour program uses videos and scenarios in the context of U.S. Supreme Court case law focusing primarily on excessive force issues related to both deadly force and non-deadly force.

Course Goals: The goal of this course is for chiefs and command staff to get the latest case law on these topics and learn approaches to department policies related to Section 1983 lawsuits and focusing primarily on excessive force and unconstitutional arrests. You will learn what Section 1983 is -- a provision of the law that allows people to sue municipal officials for a violation of civil rights. 

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Traffic Safety Breakfast set for Wednesday, August 15; register now

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Welcome, Sherrie!

Sherrie Phipps started June 4, 2018, in the Communications and Member Relations position at the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. Her duties include website content, legislative updates, the Weekly Bulletin, social media, and working with photos and video. After she gets settled, she will handle a variety of interactions with ILACP members. She comes to ILACP from the Illinois Senate, where she was on the communications staff. More information about her and other staff members is here



NAACP, ILACP announce
10 historic Shared Principles;
how to adopt them as your own

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP) and the Illinois NAACP State Conference announced an affirmation of 10 Shared Principles that are designed to bridge the gap of mistrust between police and communities of color. The first of its kind in our nation’s history, the March 22, 2018, agreement between an NAACP state conference and a statewide law enforcement agency identifies the common ground between local law enforcement and communities of color in their commitment to safe communities.

ILACP President Brian Fengel encourages all police departments to adopt these principles as your own and have your department's name added to the list on our website. 

The document itself: Affirmation of Ten Shared Principles

Simple form to declare your adoption of the Shared Principles

List of agencies adopting the Shared Principles

Command magazine article providing more context and background (February 2018)