Novak Scholarship Program

 offered by the


 to attend

 The School of Police Staff and Command,
Northwestern University Center for Public Safety

The policy of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police is to provide administrative staff and command training to interested and qualified police departments and their personnel who, due to limited local resources, are unable to acquire such training, through the Jacob J. Novak Scholarship. 

The Jacob J. Novak Scholarship of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police is dedicated to the enhancement of the law enforcement profession within the State of Illinois.  This award is so named in honor of the first Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Association and former Chief of the North Chicago Police Department. 

The scholarship shall provide the funding necessary to cover expenses of tuition, study materials, food and lodging for candidates selected to attend the 10-week School of Police Staff and Command of Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety in Evanston, Illinois. 

The Institute, in cooperation with the Association, will contribute one-half of the tuition and study material costs normally charged for this program.

Date Presented Recipient Department
July 1987 Chief Robert LaDeur Warrenville Police Department
January 1988 Sergeant Joann E. Kunz Roselle Police Department
July 1988 Chief Eugene Ray Paris Police Department
January 1989 Sergeant Ronald E. Smith Harvey Police Department
July 1989 Sergeant Ronald H. Smith Frankfort Police Department
January 1990 Sergeant Lawrence Howell Lake in the Hills Police Department
July 1990 Assistant Chief John Swindle Collinsville Police Department
January 1991 Sergeant Charles Wooliver Troy Police Department
July 1991 Sergeant Herbert Livermore Brookfield Police Department
January 1992 Lieutenant Glenn D. Miller, Jr. Danville Police Department
January 1993 Lieutenant Edward Williams SIU - Edwardsville
July 1993 Lieutenant Richard Beese Mundelein Police Department
January 1994 Lieutenant Glenn Moore O'Fallon Police Department
July 1994 Sergeant John McNamara Winfield Police Department
January 1995 Sergeant Richard Allan Fairview Heights Police Department
July 1995 Sergeant Scott Watkins Lombard Police Department
January 1996 Sergeant Stephen Dickson Rockton Police Department
July 1996 Director Paul Sarantakos Public Safety at Parkland College
January 1997 Sergeant Stephen Dickson Rockton Police Department
July 1997 Lieutenant Michael Geiger Springfield Police Department
January 1998 Sergeant Francis Dioguardi Park Forest Police Department
January 1998 Sergeant James Zawolski Prospect Heights Police Department
July 1998 Sergeant Bradley Laswell Belvidere Police Department
January 1999 Sergeant Steven Coy Bradley Police Department
July 1999 Lieutenant Dean Putnam Canton Police Department
January 2000 Patrol Officer Lance Metcalf Paris Police Department
July 2000 Sergeant Brent Dike Morris Police Department
January 2001 Deputy Chief Michael Schutzbach Effingham Police Department
August 2001 Sergeant Michael Anderson Lake County Forest Preserve District Police Department
January 2002 Sergeant Malcom Williams Collinsville Police Department
August 2002 Chief Michael Greisz Ranger Police in Round Lake, IL 
January 2003 Chief Michael Jones Trenton Police Department
August 2003 No recipient  
January 2004 Chief Douglas E. Lebert Lebanon Police Department
August 2004 Sergeant Michael J. Garofalo Hazel Crest Police Department
August 2005 Commander Keith Von Allmen Johnsburg Police Department
January 2006 Sergeant Larry J. Maraviglia  Harwood Heights Police Department
August 2006  Sergeant Christopher Shoemaker  Eureka Police Department
January 2007 Sergeant Richard Brodrick   East Peoria Police Department
January 2008 Corporal Jason Hintz  Spring Valley Police Department
January 2010  Chief Jamie Evans  Roscoe Police Department 
June 2011 Lieutenant Dennis Reilly  Riverdale Police Department 
June 2012  Sergeant Joseph Bratcher Monmouth Police Department 
June 2013 Deputy Chief Robert Carpenter  Maryville Police Department
June 2014 Lieutenant Kendall Lee Hollister  Carbondale Police Department 
June 2015  Sergeant David Watson   South Beloit Police Department
April 2016  Lieutenant Donell Austin  Kankakee Police Department 
April 2017  Sergeant Eliezer Rivera Geneva Police Department
April 2018 Sergeant Martin Gorsuch  Belvidere Police Department 
April 2019 Sergeant Robert Lewis  Roselle Police Department
April 2020 Sergeant Jeffery Pokomey Pingree Police Department
August 2021 Sergeant Robert Platos Will County Sheriff's Office
April 2022 Sergeant Andrew Ritter East Dundee Police Department