New Laws for 2024

The bills included in the list below are those concerning public safety and law enforcement.

The list includes bills we opposed, some we supported, and others we took no position on.

Click here to view the ILACP's positions on the majority of bills filed in 2023.

HB 1121 Allows a trained overdose responder for an organization enrolled in the Drug Overdose Prevention Program administered by the Department of Human Services to dispense drug adulterant testing supplies.

HB 1399 Creates the offense of “lewd sexual display in a penal institution,” and defines terms and punishments.

HB 1540 Prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes in public places and within 15 feet of entrances. No longer can be offered/utilized in county jails.

HB 1767 Amends the State Universities Civil Service Act and provides that in examinations for law enforcement personnel, the Illinois residence requirement shall be waived. 

HB 1865 Provides that, beginning with the 2025 registration year, vehicles owned or operated by a university or college police department may apply for a permanent vehicle registration and be issued license plates designed as “university police” or “college police.”

HB 2100 Provides that a person who financially exploits an elderly person or a person with a disability is guilty of a Class 1 felony if the elderly person is 70 years of age or older (instead of “over 70 years of age”) and the value of the property is $15,000 or more.

HB 2245 - Supported -  Requires the Cook County sheriff to establish a vehicle theft hotline to facilitate the location of stolen vehicles via their existing global positioning systems.

HB 2389 - Opposed - Clarifies that no vehicle can be stopped or searched solely on the basis of any objects placed or suspended between the driver and the front windshield that may obstruct the drivers view.

HB 2412 Requires the Illinois State Police to use all reasonable efforts to make publicly available key information related to firearms used in Illinois crimes that are reported and investigated to the Illinois State Police.

HB 2418 - Opposed - Allows victims of human trafficking to petition for vacation and expungement of their criminal records upon the completion of their last sentence if their participation in the underlying offense was a result of human trafficking or other severe form of trafficking.

HB 2431 Provides that a person may not operate a motor vehicle while using an electronic communication device to participate in any video conference or access any social media site.

HB 2493 - Provides two weeks of unpaid leave for employees whose family or household member was killed in a crime of violence.

HB 3026 Includes time served in county jail as part of the minimum 60-day sentence required before the Director of Corrections may award discretionary earned sentence credit for time served after sentencing.

HB 3140 Prohibits the use of solitary confinement on young detainees in juvenile detention centers for any purpose other than preventing immediate physical harm.

HB 3249 - Supported -  Provides that a full-time law enforcement, correctional or probation officer, or firefighter who suffered a catastrophic injury or was killed in the line of duty cannot change their coverage under an insurance plan covered by the State Employee Group Insurance Act.

HB 3326 - No Position - Prohibits the use of automated license plate reader data in enforcing a law that interferes with an individual’s right to obtain lawful healthcare services, including reproductive health care, or permits the detention or investigation of an individual based on their immigration status.

HB 3396 Provides that a person who, with the intent to interfere with, obstruct, or impede a picket, demonstration or protest, places any object in the public way, commits a Class A misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $2,500, and a sentence of imprisonment of less than one year.

HB 3405 - Supported -   Honors police and firefighters for their bravery and service. This law reorganizes the committee that awards the Law Enforcement Medal of Honor and changes how members are chosen and how long they serve. 

HB 3406 - Supported -  Changes the definition of “authorized emergency vehicle” and “police vehicle” under the Illinois Vehicle Code to include emergency vehicles of municipal departments or public service corporations as designated by state or county officials.

HB 3751 - No Position - Permits an individual who is legally permitted to work in the United States to apply to become a police officer so long as they are permitted to obtain, carry, or purchase or otherwise possess a firearm, by the federal government.

HB 3755 Provides that a committed individual may be transferred to the sheriff of the county in which they were living immediately prior to their conviction if that county has a reentry program for committed persons if the sheriff gives written approval for the transfer.

HB 3940 - No Position - Extends the sunset of the 9-1-1 surcharge to Dec. 31, 2025. Requires that an entity that operates a private switch service that was installed before 2020 includes the automatic location identifier containing the street address of the 9-1-1 caller.

SB 0214 - Supported - Requires disability benefits for a police officer, firefighter, and paramedic who becomes ill in the line of duty due to a disease or condition present in the community that is covered by a declaration of emergency by a municipal official, county, or the state. 

SB 0423 Updates the conditions of parole and mandatory supervised release to provide more clarity for participants and the Department of Corrections.

SB 1543 Creates the Statewide PTSD Mental Health Coordinator. The Statewide PTSD Mental Health Coordinator shall be responsible for implementing a program of mental health support and education for law enforcement officers.

SB 1754 - Supported - Provides that agencies wishing to waive training for an officer who was trained in another state or for federal employment shall conduct a background check and provide verification of the officer’s prior training.

SB 1886 Ensures a court cannot order that a person on probation, conditional discharge, or supervision refrain from having cannabis or alcohol in his or her body unless the presence of an intoxicating compound is an element of the offense charged or the person is participating in a Problem-Solving Court.

SB 2260 Provides that a person is not accountable for the conduct of another if they were subject to coercion, compulsion, or duress related to domestic abuse nor will they be guilty of any offense for acts committed under threat of imminent infliction of death or great bodily harm.

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