New language - what you can say now about HB 3653

By Ed Wojcicki, Executive Director
Illinois Association of Chiefs of police

ILACP Update #5
February 19, 2021
[email protected]

HB 3653 has been sent to the governor. We hear it is likely to be signed. We continue to maintain that this bill has significant flaws.

The best course of action available to us is to:

  1. Continue to educate the public about our concerns with this bill and how it will endanger citizen and embolden criminals
  2. Encourage the public to contact their representatives and ask for changes to HB 3653 by way of a trailer bill, which would contain our requested changes to the bill.
  3. Make sure your own local officials know about the flaws in this bill.

The fastest way to do that is for all of us to share the same messages repeatedly. The following points can be used in your messages and on social media. 

Our Message is Simple

  • The Illinois Chiefs support reforms, but HB 3653 is significantly flawed.
  • HB 3653 removes safeguards that are currently in place – safeguards that protect IL citizens and police.
  • HB 3653 emboldens criminals and will result in citizens across the state feeling less safe.
  • The unintended consequences of HB 3653 will be detrimental to the safety of all IL citizens.

How you can explain it in 30 seconds or less

The Illinois Chiefs of Police believe House Bill 3653 is seriously flawed. The bill removes safeguards that are currently in place that protect our officers and our citizens, and it includes language that will empower criminals. The unintended consequences of this bill will be detrimental to citizens and communities across the state. We need to act now and encourage legislators to develop and pass a trailer bill that addresses our concerns.  

Call to Action – what we want the public to do

Getting involved is easy:

Step 1. Learn about how HB 3653 will put citizens and police at risk and emboldens criminals: Our latest fact sheet is here.

Step 2. Reach out to your elected officials to share your concerns about HB 3653 and request a trailer bill be developed in collaboration with the IL Chiefs of Police and their partners in the Law Enforcement Coalition.

Step 3: At your local village board or city council meeting, consider speaking for a minute or two to explain that this bill will make people in your community less safe, and your local citizens might wonder why the police suddenly have less authority to stabilize volatile situations.

Step 4: Ask your friends and families to do the same.

Additional Points

The Illinois Chiefs want to continue the discussions  that began in the fall and work together to develop the best policies for Illinois citizens. We want the chance to participate in important discussions and decisions.  

This is not ‘us vs them.’ We support change. We don’t like bad cops either. Bad cops have tainted our reputations. I have issued a statement explaining that what the Black Caucus and the Illinois Chiefs are saying both have validity.

There is language in the bill that will be detrimental to law enforcement officers – causing them to think twice about their line of work, language that will expose them and their families to unfounded, frivolous lawsuits. Language that removes safeguards currently in place and will expose good cops to unfair civil lawsuits