Northern Illinois Area      

Department/Agency: Metra Police Department
Position Title: Police Officer 

DESCRIPTION: For a detailed job description please click here.
SALARY: $55,068 non-certified (75%) at academy; $62,410 certified (85%) on 18-month probation; $73,424 off-probation patrol officer
EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENT(S): High School graduate or possess a G.E.D. equivalent
TO APPLY: Use this website by October 9, 2019

[Posted 8/16/19]

Department/Agency: City of Freeport, IL
Position Title: Chief of Police  

DESCRIPTION: Please see this link for a detailed description and all requirements.
SALARY: $95,000 - $115,000
TO APPLY: Please use this website to apply by September 12, 2019

[Posted 8/6/19]