ACTION ALERT ON HB 5452: The drone bill we support

Ask legislators to push changes in Illinois' drone law this fall to give law enforcement important preventative tool

Contact your local legislators and share with them our fact sheet and to ask them to support our proposed common-sense changes to make our communities safe. 

The changes we seek might have made a difference in Highland Park, at the Las Vegas shooting, at the Houston stampede at the concert, and at similar community events in the future.

We have been meeting with our partners and other stakeholders over the past few weeks to finalize language and strategies for updating the current Illinois Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act and moving HB 5452 in the Veto Session or a special session this fall. 

ACTION REQUESTED: We are now asking ILACP members to contact their local legislators and share with them our "fact sheet" and ask them to support our proposed changes by supporting HB 5452.

Click here to get your talking points in preparation for your contact with legislators.

Click here for the HB 5452 FACT SHEET to be shared with legislators. 

Among those who are endorsing this bill are:

  • Aurora PD and City of Aurora
  • Carpentersville PD
  • Elburn PD and Village of Elburn
  • Elgin PD
  • Elmhurst PD
  • Harper College PD
  • Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Illinois Municipal League (IML)
  • Jacksonville PD
  • Lemont PD
  • Montgomery PD
  • Naperville PD
  • Oak Brook PD
  • Palos Heights PD
  • Plainfield PD
  • Rockford PD
  • Schaumburg PD
  • Springfield PD and City of Springfield
  • Sycamore PD
  • West Chicago PD

If you would like to add your department, city or village to this list of departments, please notify ILACP Executive Director Kenny Winslow at [email protected]