Lifetime Achievement Award:

Chief Russell B. Laine ILACP Lifetime Achievement Award

Established August 18, 2022

Learn more about the late Russell Laine in this tribute written by his friend Gary Schira

Watch this 2015 video from the IACP on Laine's presidency


The purpose of the Award is to recognize and honor an ILACP member who has “made a difference” in the ILACP and the law enforcement profession.  This Award provides special recognition to an individual who has provided dedicated, outstanding, actively involved service to the ILACP in various roles over a sustained period of time (defined as 20 cumulative years or more of ILACP Active or Life membership) and has:

  • A long history of significant contributions over the entire duration of his/her membership.
  • Outstanding career achievements in law enforcement/criminal justice, and
  • Significantly promoted the profession to the public and criminal justice/community partners.


  • The Award, when practicable, will be awarded at the ILACP Annual Awards Banquet and presented by the ILACP President.
  • The Award shall be given only when an individual is identified as one who unquestionably mirrors the long-term active involvement in the ILACP as exhibited by Chief Russell B. Laine throughout his professional career.  Thus, the Award may be given only if and when warranted, not necessarily annually.
  • The Award can be given posthumously. 


The nominee must have:

  • Been a member of the ILACP as an Active or Life member for at least 20 cumulative years prior to nomination.
  • Been actively involved in a leadership role in the ILACP (e.g. Board of Officers, Executive Board, Committee Chair or Co-Chair, and/or sustained committee work, etc.).
  • Exemplified exceptional and selfless service to the ILACP and left a lasting legacy that inspired future law enforcement leaders.

Note: Any member of the ILACP who meets the criteria for this Award may be nominated, including any ILACP Past President, current or past member of the Board of Officers or current or past Executive Board member.


  1. Nominations may be made by any ILACP member. Self-nominations are also allowed.
  2. The Executive Director will accept nominations throughout the year, but all nominations must be received by the Executive Director by February 1 of each year for consideration that year, unless otherwise stipulated.  Nominations received after February 1 or the deadline stipulated will be considered for the following year.
  3. Nominations ideally should be submitted electronically to the Executive Director ([email protected]) or, if not possible, mailed to the attention of the Executive Director at the ILACP office, 426 S. 5th Street, Springfield, IL 62701.
  4. The nomination submittal should include a completed Chief Russell B. Laine ILACP Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Application (available on the ILACP website) and include:
  • Cover letter from the nominator attesting that the supporting documentation provided is accurate.
  • A narrative outlining the following criteria:
-  The nominee’s sustained service to the ILACP.
-  The nominee’s service to other law enforcement organizations or other law enforcement partners, which brought positive recognition to the ILACP.
-  Details from the nominee’s entire career.
-  The submission of supporting documents is encouraged, including but not limited to:
        • Resume of nominee detailing education, appointments, leadership positions, activities, memberships, awards, honors and other relevant data.
        • Photos or copies of photos.
        • Printed documents such as newspaper or magazine articles, awards, etc.

Note: It may be necessary for the nominee to assist the nominator in gathering all the necessary materials for submittal and to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the submittal.  Thus, the nominee may know he/she was submitted for this Award, but not necessarily know he/she was actually selected.

  1. The Executive Director will forward all nominations to the Board of Officers.
  2. The Board of Officers makes the decision about recipients of this award. They are free to consult with whomever they wish (including the Past Presidents Committee) to aid them in their selection.  The Board has the flexibility to consider the merits of the totality of the nomination and not rigidly evaluate all the criteria equally.
  3. There is no requirement for the Board of Officers to select any of the nominees for this Award if they deem none meet the lofty criteria for this Award.
  4. There can be only one recipient of this award each year, but there is no requirement that this award be given annually. That is the discretion of the Board of Officers. 

Originally submitted by Gary Schira
Past President, ILACP; and chair, ILACP Past Presidents Committee

Unanimously approved and recommended by the Board of Officers
June 15, 2022

Approved by Executive Board
August 18, 2022