Legislative Recap Spring 2021 

Prepared for Executive Board – August 16, 2021 

The Illinois Chiefs tracked over 700 bills this spring.  

Of our most strongly opposed bills, only ONE passed both chambers (SB 2129). If the additional bills would have passed, they would have: 

  • Done away with qualified immunity (HB 1727). 
  • Banned consent searches in vehicles (HB 2779). 
  • Changed the penalties for methamphetamine delivery or possession. (HB 3447). Passed House 4.21.21 and we are still negotiating this one. 

A highlight of the session was the trailer bill (HB 3443, SA5) to the SAFE-T Act, which passed May 31, and was signed by the governor June 25, 2021. This bill addresses: 

  • Changes to the language that was either ambiguous or impractical to implement.  
  • Body cameras: Removes the provision preventing an officer from viewing video before writing a report (except in rare cases), removes felony charges for violations to body camera policy, and modifies the felony charge for violations of certain statutes, and there must be a clear intention to obstruct justice.  
  • Use of force: Removes clause allowing a suspect to flee if they can be apprehended at a later date. Clarifies the term “imminent threat” in relation to deadly force.  
  • Chokeholds and tasers: Defines “chokehold” and removes the provision that says an officer cannot target the back with a taser. 
  • Obstructing and resisting officers: Clarifies that you can arrest someone for obstructing without an underlying offense. Separates resisting from obstructing. 
  • Updated deadline for most new training requirements: Now effective January 1, 2022, instead of July 1, 2021.  

Bills that the Illinois Chiefs opposed but passed both houses include: 

  • SB 2129: Provides new resentencing guidelines. Governor signed 7.15.21 
  • HB 2400: Places restrictions on active shooter drills in schools. Sent to the Governor 6.23.21 
  • HB 2784: Requires Illinois regions to have a Community Emergency Services and Supports Planrequires local governments operating ambulance or EMS services to have a plan to respond with mobile emergency mental and behavioral services to individuals who do not pose a threat and are not committing a crime. Sent to the Governor 6.28.21 
  • HB 3587: Creates a Resentencing Task Force Act to study the ways in which the state can reduce its prison population. Governor signed 7.15.21 

Bills that the Illinois Chiefs supported and passed both houses include: 

  • SB 2122Prohibits the use of deceptive tactics by all law enforcement when interrogating a minor.  Governor signed 7.15.21, Effective date 1.1.22 
  • HB 3656Enhances Scott’s Law. Provides further requirements for vehicles approaching a stationary emergency vehicle displaying flashing emergency lighting. Creates a task force to study first responders and road safety hazards. Governor signed 8.12.21 

Other bills opposed by ILACP that have not passed both chambers include: 

  • HB 29: Illinois Schools to eliminate resource officers being present in the school daily 
  • HB 1763, HB 1896, HB 2638: All allow one license plate rather than two on a vehicle. 
  • HB 2402: Amends the Criminal Code of 2012 to increase the felony threshold for “theft of property not from a person” from $500 to $2000 and retail theft from $300 to $2,000. 
  • HB 2539: Increase felony threshold for retail theft from $300 to $2,000.  
  • HB 2743: Expands expungement process.  
  • HB 2788:  Restricts the use of force and SWAT teams.  
  • HB 3248: Amends the Code of Civil Procedure so that anything said in preparation or as a follow up to a restorative justice practice is privileged except in rare circumstances. Passed House 4.22.21 
  • HB 3913: Allows sex offenders to live within 250 ft of school or daycare.  

Bills that the Illinois Chiefs supported but have not passed both chambers include: 

  • HB 52: Bans the possession of “vehicle security circumvention device” except for certain persons such as mechanics, car dealers, locksmiths, car dealers, repossession agents and LE officers. Passed the House 4.14.21 
  • HB 733: Like HB 52, but also bans possession of “relay box” except for same list of qualified individuals. Passed House 4.21.21 
  • HB 836: Makes changes to private detective training. Passed the House 4.21.21 
  • SB 1572: Amends the Deposit of State Moneys Act concerning investment in minority-owned financial institutions. 
  • HB 2467: Officer will be awarded attorney’s fees in civil action when accused of excessive use of force but found by a court to have used a necessary level of force to make an arrest and protect his/her life or the life of another.  
  • HB 2865: Gives a University of Illinois scholarship to children of police or firefighters killed in the line of duty.  
  • HB 3054: Bans publicly posting officer’s personal information (along with a number of other first responders and public employees).  

The Illinois General Assembly will return on Oct. 19-21 and Oct. 26-28 for the Fall Veto Session.