ILACP Police Chief of the Year Award   

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police shall present a "Chief of the Year" award to an active member of the Association. Nominations may be made by anyone wishing to nominate a chief/head of a law enforcement agency/department who is in good standing with the association. The Executive Director will accept nominations throughout the year, but all nominations must be received by the Executive Director by February 1.

List of all winners

Members of the ILACP Board of Officers are excluded from consideration for this award in the year in which they are on the Board of Officers. More specifically, the incumbent president, vice presidents, outgoing “Immediate Past President” and any announced candidates for 3rd Vice President in the next year are not eligible for the award. Prior past presidents are eligible.

Nominations received after February 1 will be considered for the following year's award. Nominations may be made by letter or on forms provided by the Association. The Executive Director may encourage and promote nominations for this award in any ethical manner deemed necessary to obtain a sufficient number of nominations to determine the most qualified individual as the Association's Chief of the Year. The Executive Director shall submit a list of all nominees whose nominations meet the qualification standards specified herein to the Board of Officers. The Board of Officers shall select the Outstanding Chief of the Year from the list of nominees.

Criteria to be considered in making the selection shall include the member's service to the Association, service to the community, and accomplishments as a law enforcement administrator. The award shall be presented at the annual installation banquet held during the association’s spring/summer annual conference.


  1. These nominations should be submitted electronically to the ILACP. To nominate a person, please complete an online Illinois Chief of Police Award Nomination Application and:
    • A memorandum, cover letter, or email cover letter from the nominator, attesting that the supporting documentation provided is accurate.
    • A narrative outlining the following criteria:
      • The member's service to the association
      • The member’s service to the community, and
      • The member’s accomplishments as a law enforcement administrator

        Information may include details from a nominee’s entire career, and some of the service/activity should be from the previous two years.
  2. The submission of supporting documents is encouraged, but not required, including but not limited to:
    • Photos or copies of photos
    • Printed documents such as newspaper or magazine articles or newsletters, awards from community groups, etc.
    • Press releases, reports or other documents
    • Publications by the nominee
    • Links to any of the above will suffice if they provide sufficient online documentation, but please provide a very brief summary
    • PDF, Word or jpeg files
  3. Deadline for nominations is February 1. The Executive Director will forward all nominations to the Board of Officers.
  4. The Board of Officers may announce the finalists for the award soon after. In the event that a list of finalists is announced, these will be publicized to the membership.
  5. The award will be given during the Installation Banquet of the new Board of Officers during the annual spring/summer training conference.

Send your nomination by attaching documents to [email protected]. Deadline is February 1st each year.

If for some reason it is impossible to make an electronic submission, send printed nominations to:

Chief of the Year Award
Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police
426 S. Fifth Street
Springfield, Illinois 62701-1824