Premium Sponsor: David Hochberg, PERL Mortgage
Offering $400 discount to all first responders

   David Hochberg

David Hochberg of PERL Mortgage has a special relationship with law enforcement. He is Vice President of Lending at PERL Mortgage and host of the popular radio show, “Mortgage Professional,” on Chicago’s WLS, 890 AM.

He became a partner with the Illinois Chiefs association this year and offers:

  • A $400 discount to all first responders, including sworn police officers.
  • An “Ask David” section on the ILACP website, for our members to submit questions to him – and which he will answer for all members to see. Click here for the Ask David Q&A.  
  • Occasional shout-outs on his radio show to the Illinois Chiefs and other law enforcement professionals and first responders.

PERL Mortgage has been leading Chicago’s mortgage industry since 1994, is licensed to provide services across the nation. Other companies use outside underwriters, document preparation and closers. PERL streamlines the mortgage process by keeping your loan in-house from the moment you apply to the day you close – and because PERL is a mortgage banker, your loan can close in a matter of days.

He can be reached at [email protected] or 312.751.1333.