Behind the Badge Illinois
Join us for insights from Behind the Badge in Illinois.

Host David Hochberg is joined each episode by a panel of police professionals with over 100 years of law enforcement experience, who are located throughout Illinois to discuss topics of high interest. The show will address current events happening within law enforcement from the eyes of law enforcement leaders. Some of the topics we will discuss are recruitment/retention, public safety, conceal carry, de-escalation training, crowd control, funny stories from the field, and any other topics our listeners would like us to discuss.


Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jogmen
Dekalb Police Chief David Byrd
Fairview Heights Police Chief Steve Johnson
Retired Illinois State Police Colonel Mimi McGreal
ILACP Deputy Director AJ Bailey
O'Fallon Police Chief Kirk Brueggeman
Peoria Police Chief Eric Echevarria
Elgin Police Chief Ana Lalley

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