About the Book: Officer Safety Redefined

Each year, law enforcement loses more officers to suicide than to all line of duty causes of death combined. In order to stop this from happening, the concept of Officer Safety needs to be redefined to address both the physical and psychological threats that are the realities of our profession. For too long, officer safety training has addressed the physical safety but ignored the mental wellness piece. The suicide rate seen in our profession shows the cost of this unacceptable oversight. It is time we do something different. This book has been written to prepare officers to meet both the physical and psychological challenges officers will be presented with when they chose a career in law enforcement. 

Over time, the stress, negativity and traumatic events an officer sees repeatedly during the course of a law enforcement career can compromise the officer’s psychological resiliency. Unaddressed, this can creates problems in both the officer’s personal and professional life. The ability to stay psychological strong in the face of these challenges is an essential survival skill. The failure to do so can result in a compromised quality of life for the officer. This compromise can have a devastating impact on the police family unit and creates a significant officer safety threat for the officer. This can no longer be ignored.

The police suicide rate is unacceptable... but so is the rate of alcoholism, divorce and the variety of health issues associated with the occupational stress of our chosen profession. This book is designed to help officers ensure they are prepared to meet the psychological threats of the profession by providing practical advice, psychological insight and action steps that can be taken immediately to protect the officers resiliency, health and happiness... both on and off the job.

This book has been written by a police officer, for police officers. The author has spent years researching and providing training for police on mental wellness and psychological resiliency. Mental wellness is not soft stuff, it is a matter of life and death. This is information every officer must know to survive their career. It is no longer enough that we go home at the end of our shift. We deserve to go home healthy, to go home happy, to go home as a well-adjusted human being.

The information contained in this book can help protect officers from the unspoken threats that have been haunting our profession for decades.