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Uploaded May 11, 2021

Three candidates for 5th Vice President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police in 2021 addressed the ILACP Executive Board on April 28, 2021, and sought the endorsement of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police.

The candidates, with links to their websites, are, in A-Z order:

  • Chief Stacey Cotton, Covington, GA. From Illinois, the following ILACP member has publicly endorsed Cotton: James R. Kruger, Jr., Dwayne Wheeler, and Ray Cordell.

  • Chief Patrick Ogden, University of Delaware Police. From Illinois, the following ILACP members have publicly endorsed Ogden: Alice Cary, Phil Cline, Terry Lemming, Marc Maton, Kenton Rainey, Tim McCarthy, Steve Vaccaro, and Allan Kaminski.

  • Chief Doug Shoemaker, Grand Junction City, CO. From Illinois, the following ILACP members have publicly endorsed Shoemaker: Roy Bethge, Dave Bradford, Laura King, Christopher Mannino, and Dan Ryan.
If you want to add your name to a list, endorsing one of the candidates, please send an email to Ed Wojcicki at [email protected]
Members of ILACP may vote for the candidate of their choice between May 10 and May 21, 2021. The ballot is electronic, and results will be shared with the Board of Officers, which makes the final call on an endorsement based on votes by members.

All active and Life members of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police are eligible to cast a vote in this endorsement process. These are the same members who are eligible to vote in regular ILACP elections.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT your ballot from the International Chiefs to choose one of the three candidates for 5th Vice President. This IS your ballot to help the Illinois Chiefs decide who to endorse. You will be asked to log into the Members Only section to access your ballot.

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