TOP 6 PRIORITIES - Updated March 9, 2021

HB 29 – oppose: Restricts officers on school grounds
LE shall not maintain a presence of school grounds unless there is imminent threat of danger to students.

HB 1727 – oppose: Eliminates qualified immunity at state level
Creates Bad Apples in Law Enforcement Accountability Act. Provide that a peace officer subjecting another person to a violation of individual rights is liable to the person “for appropriate relief” and cannot use qualified immunity as a defense.

HB 1943 – support: Public Duty Rule
Codifies the Public Duty Rule – “a local government entity and its employees owe no duty of care to individual members of the general public to provide governmental services.”

HB 2779 – oppose: Bans vehicle consent searches
Bans consent searches in vehicles but allows searches of vehicle, driver and passenger if there is a warrant or there is probable cause

HB 2788 – oppose: Restricts use of force and SWAT teams
Provides guidelines on use of force and deadly force, determines when force is prohibited and what actions are prohibited in response to protests and large gatherings. Requires detailed monthly reports to ISP on all use of force incidents. Limits use of SWAT teams. Requires firing of officers for violating the use of force as defined in this law.

HB 3913 - oppose: Allows sex offender to live 250 feet from school or day care
Allows a registered sex offender to live within 250 feet, instead of 500 feet, from a school, playground, day care, etc., if the offender had already lived there before the school or day care opened or was licensed.  


HB 52 – support
Bans possession of “vehicle security circumvention device” except for certain persons such as mechanics, locksmiths, car dealers, repossession agent or LE officer.

HB 733 – support
Similar to HB 52, but bans possession of a “relay box” except for certain persons such as mechanics, locksmiths, car dealers, repossession agent or LE officer

HB 2402 – oppose
Raises the felony threshold amount of “theft of property not from the person” from $500 to $2,000 and retail theft from $300 to $2,000.

HB 2467 – support
Officer will be awarded attorney’s fees in civil action when accused of excessive use of force but found by a court to have used “a level of force necessary to effectuate the arrest and protect his or her life or the life of another”

HB 2539 – oppose
Increases felony threshold for retail theft from $300 to $2,000.

HB 1763, HB 1896, HB 2638 – oppose 
Same language, all provide for one license place instead of two on a vehicle

HB 2400 – oppose
Places a lot of restrictions on active shooter drills in schools.

HB 2743 – oppose
Expands expungement process

HB 2784 – oppose
Requires regions to have a Community Emergency Services and Supports Plan and requires local governments that operate an ambulance or EMS or similar service to have a plan on how to respond with mobile emergency mental and behavioral health services to individuals “who do not present as a threat to the responders” and are not involved in criminal activity

HB 2865 – support
Gives a University of Illinois scholarship to children of police officers or firefighters killed in the line of duty.

HB 3054 – support
Bans publicly posted content of an officer’s personal information. Also pertains to a limited number other public employees such as first responders, prosecutors and General Assembly members.