ILACP Priority Bills - 2020

Updated March 5, 2020

Top Legislative Issues

  1. Bail reform. OPPOSE. There is not a bill number yet, but we will oppose efforts to end cash bail. Other criminal justice “reforms” may be grouped into a package, and we will keep a wary eye on them.

  2. SB 3739. SUPPORT. Funding for MTUs/ILETSB: $5 million in emergency funding so that training can continue.

  3. SB 3503, HB 4796 and HB 1616. OPPOSE. These would require three phone calls within an hour to somebody in custody.

  4. HB 4797. OPPOSE. This would increase the base for retail theft to $2,000.

  5. HB 5472. OPPOSE. Allows local licenses for cannabis clubs and temporary events.

Other priority bills

HB 333                   Support                  No probation for juveniles for subsequent offense with firearm             

HB 3796                 Oppose                  Increases from 15 to 18 years old requirement for counsel for interrogation

HB 3849                Oppose                  Allows petition for expungement of sealed records after three years

HB 3923                Support                  Protection of law enforcement’s personal information from posting on web

HB 3972                 Oppose                  Parole eligibility after 20 years for life sentence; early release options

HB 3974                 Oppose                  Automatic sealing of some criminal records

HB 3979                Oppose                  Parole eligibility for habitual criminals and 3-time offenders

HB 4080                Support                  Health insurance after catastrophic injury or line of duty death

HB 4465                 Support                  One-party consent for eavesdropping

HB 5268                 Support                 Adds fentanyl analogs to Schedule I of controlled substances list

SB 1966                 ?                             Fix the FOID Act

SB 2273                 Oppose                  Deals with recordings by smart speakers and video doorbells

SB 2482                 Oppose                  Enhances hourly value of community service applied to assessmen

SB 3072                 Oppose                  Requires person to be 21 to be habitual offender or 3-time offender

HJRCA 38              Oppose                 Weakens constitutionally guaranteed pension benefits

Chief Marc Maton, Legislative Committee Chair
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John Millner, Lobbyist                                                          
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Ed Wojcicki, Executive Director
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