ILACP Quick Positions on Current Bills


HB4113 – Neutral
In a divorce case, addresses principle that recognizes that the involvement of each parent for equal time is presumptively in the children's best interests

HB4191 –
Pets locked in cars, allows citizens to break windows to rescue

HB4208 – Oppose
Could eliminate some funding for School Resource Officers;  says too many K-12 students are arrested for minor offenses and enter to a “school-to-prison pipeline.” Outrageous.

HB4286 – Oppose
Prevents purchase of certain government surplus equipment

HB4296 – Neutral
Lowers neglect age from 14 to 12

HB 4340 – Neutral
Adds reporting establishments to human trafficking

HB3377, same as SB 2441 – Support
Child restraint


SB 2560 - Opposed
Would require publishers to remove some criminal record information

SB2271 – Neutral
Allows prosecution of a sexual offense to begin within one year after the victim discovers the offense

SB2275 – Oppose
Calls for statewide advisory referendum supporting legalization of marijuana in November 2018

SB2278 – Support
Allows definition of “high-risk missing person” to include veterans in certain cases

SB3023 -- Support
Substance abuse deflection program

SB3332 – Neutral
Increases the age for tobacco purchase from 18 to 21

SB2334 - Neutral
Metal detectors at University of Illinois hospitals

SB 2337
 – Support
Requires Lottery scratch-off game to benefit police memorials

SB2441, same as HB4377 – Support
Child restraint for children under the age of 2

SB2490 – Neutral
Changes the schedule for examinations of pension funds established under the Downstate Police or Downstate Fire Article from every 3 years to a periodic basis

SB 2514 – Support
Tightens up smoking restrictions

SB3105 -- Opposed
Requires officer to accompany DCFS investigator upon request


HR751 – Support
Declares domestic violence a public health priority for the State of Illinois